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 Behind the account of any, even the most ordinary person, may be hiding AFRICAN SCAMMER!

Please report romance scams and dating scams here, also write your story about communication with a scammer.

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Thousands claiming to be Danielle Delaunay but that her real name was Sandra Amanda. She claims that she left the porn industry two years ago and left to Canada to escape her boyfriend who was living with her in Springfield, MO. She claimed she left the porn industry and has no income and pays only $300 per month for rent. She first contacted me through her Instagram account which is AmandaSandra07 and has a large following and some un updated pictures of Danielle Delaunay by herself. She uses old phone numbers from Missouri but refuses to allow any calls or video chats despite having several a month on YouTube. She sent me many pictures at first that were off the internet but then moved to pictures that were not. However she has been sending me pictures lately that are showing her to be very skinny when after some research tonight, I found that the real actress has gained a lot of weight recently. She also has radical inconsistencies with her own stories.

Posted : June 27, 2023 PDT at 9:37 pm 9:37 PM
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