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 Behind the account of any, even the most ordinary person, may be hiding AFRICAN SCAMMER!

Please report romance scams and dating scams here, also write your story about communication with a scammer.

Report Mark Porter - [email protected]

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This guy is on tiktok. he just started to chat with me out of the blue ..he is going by Mark Porter. This is the email address that he gave me is [email protected]. He told me that he's 36 yrs. old from Louisville, Kentucky, and that he is a bomb expert in the US military deployed to Afghanistan. My instincts kicked in when I only saw one video on his page. I know from having my brother-in-law in the Military, you don't tell someone whom you just started chatting with that you are a bomb/explosive device. This guy goes by mporter21. He just emailed me asking for a care package.

Posted : June 27, 2023 PDT at 9:20 pm 9:20 PM
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