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Visa U.S.A. Inc.
900 Metro Center Blvd.
Foster City, CA 94404-2172.
United States.

Dear Lucky Winner!

Congratulations! we humbly wishes to inform you that the sum of $3.600,000.00 (Three Million six hundred thousand United States Dollars) only have been awarded to you.

This lottery/lotto promotion was organized and sponsored by the Visa USA Incorporated for the introduction of the new Visa® Card benefits for travelers and business owners, the Visa United States Incorporated Network International lottery winners were selected through (E.B.S.) Email Balloting System, the Visa United States Incorporated Network International teams arrange and gather all the email addresses of people that are active on-line, among the billions that subscribed to all e-mail global Networks, we only select Nine (9) candidates per annually as our winners.

This lottery was aimed to help families and communities with the current global crisis and also aimed to help reduce poverty in the global world. You have been selected and have awarded prize, stay Connected, from advancing financial inclusion to helping in times of crisis, we're using our products, know-how and philanthropy to bring about positive change. This offer is only available to you at this season and you shall automatically be paid, this lottery prize must be claimed not later than fifteen (15) working days from the date of announcement after the draw date in which prize has been won.

All prize settlement must be redeemed, winners must be paid in the state jurisdiction or at the settlement center and any prize not claimed within the period of (15) will be forfeited.

Contact your claims administrator/agent and follow their guidelines.

Contact Person: -------- Mrs. Glenda Hartwell (Administrative Officer)
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Toll-Free Number: -------00 800 819 014

Be advised to contact your claims administrator via e-mail /phone for the 48hours delivery of your winners certificate and your Co-Branded Visa® Card, send the following information to the above email address to facilitate and process your winning prize payment with the appointed paying bank.

Ticket No #: 51 79 4 58 1 07
Winning No#: 1 39 48 11 67 18 26
Reference No#: MMV-SF71271-00-18VINC
Registration No#: MMLV-W73-3L2019

We collect personal information to process your claim, fill the below form and send your identification numbers to our processing agent through email and don't forget to quote your complete names, winning amount and your direct cell/home phone number so that they can honor your request.

1. Your full name :--------------------------------------------------------------
2. Your direct Cell Phone Numbers :----------------------------------------------
3. Occupation :------------------------------------------------------------------
4. You Marital Status :----------------------------------------------------------
5. A copy of your National ID card :---------------------------------------------

The claimant's name, address and telephone number must be provide, this prize is only given to you at this time and it may be withdrawn if you violate the rules and conditions given, all winners will be paid in accordance with the lottery rules at the settlement center.

Contact your claims administrator at: Email : [email protected]

CEO: Alfred F Kelly Jr.
POWER TO YOU. make yourself at home, make the Visa Corporation your go
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Posted : April 8, 2024 PDT at 4:01 am 4:01 AM