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Lottery Mrs. Mavis Wanczyk - [email protected]

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Dear friend, I am Mrs. Mavis Wanczyk, the winner of the $758 million Powerball jackpot. I'm giving away to 5 random people which include you. If you receive this email, your email was selected after the ball was spun. I have given away most of my wealth to a number of charities and organisations here in the United States. I have volunteered to give you $2,800,000'00 Dollars as one of the 5 winners chosen to verify my winnings via the YouTube page below. SEE ME HERE www[.]youtube[.]com/watch?v=q0Bpez2Z7c0 THIS IS YOUR DONATION CODE:(REPB/AVL2023/28392/USA). Reply to this email with the donation code: [email protected] I hope to bring joy to you and your family. Regards, Mrs. Mavis Wanczyk.

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