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Assalam-o-Aleikum ,

Kindly read carefully our loan funding procedure letter for further proceeding of your loan request.

Our Investment criteria are more suitable for companies or start-ups who are looking for expansion or diversification. We prefer shovel-ready projects from established corporations with a good track record and financials with increasing profits. Our specialization is project funding/loans. We are not keen on equity or partnership ventures and/or to participate in managerial positions of the borrowing party.

We are ready to fund projects globally in the form of Soft Loan funding. We grant loans to both corporate and private entities at a low-interest rate of 3% per annum. The terms are very flexible and interesting.

MAY CONSTY LOANS LTD has supported so many projects however before we proceed further its important you comprehend the parameters of the funding process and proceedings.

The features of this loan offer are as follows:
Minimum/Maximum Funding: 100,000.00 - 5 Billion USD/Euro/Dirham
Placement Opens to: Entrepreneurs, Corporations and Investors
Funding Type: Loan Investment
Funding Rate: 3% Interest Rate per annum
Duration: 1-15 year - Renewable tenure
Currency: USD, Euros
Repayment: Quarterly Installment
Repayment :Holiday: 1-2 years
Loan Collateral/ Security: Insurance Guarantee bond indemnity.

Before being endorsed to receive the fund you will be given an application form to fill in and return back to us with your project business plan/executive summary alongside with other supporting documents (a) Valid ID (passport or driver's License) of the project owner (b) Certificate of Incorporation (not applicable for start-business) so as to set up file for in-house consideration by MAY CONSTY LOANS LTD Investment Committee.

*Next step is evaluation and due diligence processing, MAY CONSTY LOANS LTD covers all due diligence logistics and expenses, if after these and your Loan request is approved, the project owner will be officially informed.

If loan is finally approved, borrower would be contractually obligated to Pay the insurer and obtain credit insurance (Guarantee bond indemnity) through our authorized United Arab Emirates Private Insurance company at a cheaper cost/fee (Premium fee is determined by the volume amount of loan requested by the borrower) The guarantee bond license security is needed in other to cover the loan amount against default or risk on (Non collateral basis) After the guarantee bond processing we shall proceed with closing and disbursement of approved loan funding to borrowers designated bank account.

The guarantee bond fee your paying is refundable after the duration period of the loan if the loan applicant did not default with paying back the loan value and interest at the end of the agreed duration period.

After that the entire Board of Directors of MAY CONSTY LOANS LTD will fix a date for final closing of loan deal and signing of MOU contract to confirm the collaboration of MAY CONSTY LOANS LTD on the project proposition.

Therefore if you concur with above information/terms and conditions then prepare your executive summary/business plan of the available projects and present to us for review by our Executive Board and project review panel, also send me an acknowledgement email and inform me to issue you our Loan application form to fill-in.

Given that the project is approved after due consideration/analysis we can surely extend our hands by making financial investment with mutually agreed terms and conditions. Be duly informed that you can also apply for broker collaboration with us and get 1% to 2% finders fee commission in every successful project loan funding that will come from your esteemed end..

Kind regards.

Director,Head of Project Review Panel.
Capital Tower ADNEC Area,
P.O. Box 45309,
Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates.

Posted : June 30, 2023 PDT at 4:06 am 4:06 AM