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 Behind the account of any, even the most ordinary person, may be hiding AFRICAN SCAMMER!

Please report romance scams and dating scams here, also write your story about communication with a scammer.

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Dear friend,
I want to brief you that as a consultant who works for several investors within the gulf region and europe, who are willing to fund projects with low interest loans or patner as joint venture investment, 
I have taken my time to engage several of our affiliate brokers in europe since my principal company declined funding projects in your region and the private investor I earlier told you seems not be official.
Hopefully, one of our affiliate financial brokers in London has acknowledged availability of sufficient fund domiciled in their London financial hub for your interest and also accepted to urgently commence with the documentation process once they receive your specific interest. 
I therefore advise you to contact the credit controller of the affiliate finance company with the below contact information for procedure and requirements to commence the process of your specified area of interest. Kindly ensure that you copy me in every of your correspondence with the company for my follow up. 
Mr George Bowen
Credit Controller,
Credit Control Department
GreenLoan Company Limited
Phone: +44 (0) 2038960028.
Direct Phone: +44 (0) 7459527984.
Email: [email protected][email protected]
Thank you

Posted : June 30, 2023 PDT at 4:04 am 4:04 AM