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 Behind the account of any, even the most ordinary person, may be hiding AFRICAN SCAMMER!

Please report romance scams and dating scams here, also write your story about communication with a scammer.

Report Beware Of Scammer Jorge Macus!!!!! Thief/Scammer!!!!!

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orge Macus claims to be a construction engineer from Boston/Houston Texas United is a thief. I have lost $25,000 to this so called Jorge Macus which i have been sending him money to west africa till he said he's in the Houston and promised to pay me back and buy me a brand new ford egde till now i haven't seen him until i saw his photo on google dating scammer online exposing him, He was going to pay me back. i lost my money shit, i'm o heart broken i'm tired of this world. He deceived me off my hard earned money for so many years till now i haven't seen him i have sent him thousands of dollars which i have lost on this thief/scammer i'm so sick shit happened to me.

Jorge macus from boston/houston tx.  fake fake fake fake fake fake.... [email protected] fake fake... [email protected].... (210) 688-1478.... 

Posted : June 27, 2023 PDT at 8:07 pm 8:07 PM