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Lottery Your Payment - [email protected]

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Admin Head Office winning Notification,

FromT-Mobile Network systemYour Email; Address was automatically
generated among other lucky winners therefore you have won the Sum
of(£250,000.00).In T-Mobile Network Global fund Relief Held in the UK
through the Computer Ballots program. Your fund remains unclaimed.
This program is to Eradicate Poverty, Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic
outbreak. Your payment reference number is,(QKZ/950/SA)Contact your
payment Unit for payout. Mr Herbert Wigwes On: Tel: +229 629 783 42

Please bear it in mind that you will pay 35$ for the security keeping
charge before the transfer or the delivery will take place to your
Bank account or to your home address,please do not contact me if
possible that you will not pay for this security keeping charge
because with out that, the transfer or the delivery will not take

Kindly follow the instruction below to enable us effect your immediate
transfer, we have two options of payout, (EFT Bank Transfer and
Prepaid Master Card Debit ATM Card) which can be issued and posted
directly to your addressvia DHLor any order courier service, indicate
your preferable option below. Bank Transfer takes 48 to 72 working
hours whileDebit ATM Card Delivery takes 5 to 6 working days.
Endeavour to keep your payment reference number very confidential.
Provide the following for your respective payment options.

EFT Bank Transfer Details! Master
Card Debit ATM Card Details:__

Your Name and Surname: -------- C,-- Your Name
and Surname:-------------

Contact Phone Number:-----------
H,--Residential Address:---------------------

Your Bank Name:-------------------- E,-- Or
Office Address:-----------------------

Account Number:-------------------
Q,--Country City/Province Code:----------

Branch Code:------------------------- U,--
Contact Phone Number:--------------

Swift; Code: -------------------------- E,--
I.D or Passport Copy:-------------------

Your Occupation: -------------------
S’—you’re Occupation: ---------------------


T-Mobile Team
For further procedure Contact the payment officer with the information below

Contact the verification officer in charge:
Contact Name :Herbert Wigwes
Email [email protected]
Email [email protected]
Cell Phone +229 629 783 42
Send SMS text or call Their Phone number:for more Details and directives.

Posted : April 7, 2024 PDT at 2:19 am 2:19 AM