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 Behind the account of any, even the most ordinary person, may be hiding AFRICAN SCAMMER!

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Lottery Peter Wilson - [email protected]

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Dear Lucky Winner.

This message is to bring to your notice that your email address won
the sum of $1,700,000,00 USD only {ONE MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND
DOLLARS} in our lottery company MULTI LOTTO this month and your money
is converted into ATM Visa Card to be deliver to you through Courier
delivery company.

We has deposited your Visa Card parcel with the courier company and
instruct them to help us deliver your Visa Card parcel to you as soon
as they hear from you, Therefore kindly contact the delivery company
through this email here { [email protected] } and ask
them to deliver to you, your ATM Visa Card that is deposited in there
company custody by Multi Lotto Lottery Organization.

Mr. Peter Wilson
Multi Lotto Company Director.

Posted : June 28, 2023 PDT at 3:49 am 3:49 AM