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Lottery Mrs. Mariam Mohamed - [email protected]

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Congratulations Dear Lottery winner

This is to inform you that your email address have won a prize sum of
($4.500,000,00 four Million five hundred thousand United State
Dollars) from MO-LOTTERY award 2021, This lottery was organized
through Internet Balloting system, and your email address is among the
lucky winners who won the free online lotto .you are free and
guaranteed to track and check the web-site below for the confirmation
of the Lottery Board in which you are selected among the lucky winner
of the Year. find your winning number ,Here is a website where you can
check your winning fund prize check it yourself,
year Draw date . Wednesday 29 June 2021
Winning number 11-20-28-32-37-44
Winning Amount $4.500,000,00
The truth is that You are one of the lucky winners selected this year
in the MO-LOTTERY international games, please What you should do in
order to receive your fund is to select one of the options and contact
the payment office .
1) Bank transfer
2) Cash express delivery
3) Open online bank account with CBD to receive your fund You are advise to
contact Mrs. Mariam Mohamed Director Foreign Remittance Department
COMMERCIAL BANK OF DUBAI with your winning number and the option you
selected for urgent and fast transfer on your Mo-Lottery winning
award of ($4.500,000,00 four Million five hundred thousand United
State Dollars) into your bank account today Respond to your claim by
Contacting COMMERCIAL BANK OF DUBAI with your winning number to claim
your price .

CONTACT US>Email address ([email protected])
Mrs. Mariam Mohamed
Director Foreign remittance Department Dubai.
All responses must be directed to the COMMERCIAL BANK OF DUBAI to
claim your prize. This message is from Mo-Lottery award office UAE
Congratulation in advance
Best Regards.
Mo-Lottery Award Notification Office Dubai

Posted : April 7, 2024 PDT at 2:09 am 2:09 AM