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Investment Mr. Abu Hassan - [email protected]

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Attention: Sir & Madam,

I have a ready Investor who is willing to invest in projects( i.e Real
Estates, Construction, Logistics, Manufacturing or any viable projects).
We have the financial muscle and capacity to fund projects between
$500,000 to $6.5 Billion USD for capital projects, and Equity
Investment Plans. At 3% interest rate for a 10 years tenure with a grace
period of 12/18 months.

Kindly send your business plan and executive summary or refer us to
anyone with a good business plan, for our investment team review and
immediate funding.We are waiting to proceed with the closing and
disbursement of investment funds.

I hope we can work together in securing the investment funds you seek
and other future transactions.

Thank you in advance as I anticipate your kind response.

Best Regards,

Mr. Abu Hassan

Posted : June 30, 2023 PDT at 4:01 am 4:01 AM