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We wish to congratulate you on your success in the official release
of the results via email online lottery draw, under the state of Virginia USA, for security reasons all calls and messages will be recorded.
A certificate of ownership will be sent together with a copy of a bank cheque.

Confirmation Number: 2015EU / 445701
Winners Location: Europe

you are among the randomly chosen lucky winner in LottoAmerica promotion, you have all
reason to celebrate as one of the major official winners in 57th LottoAmerica promotion program in Arlington, VA USA. Watch out for the confirmation number which is included in this report as a check of status.

The total amount won worldwide ($ 347,200,000.00)
You won ($ 1,570,000.00) in the third category.
You’re lucky winning numbers: (02) - (23) - (30) - (26) - (42)

All E-mail addresses are automatically selected by the US Lottery Board.
All email addresses are chosen from: America, Europe, Asia, Africa, etc.
visit our website for more information:

Fill out the form below


1. Name – last/family name, first name, middle name – exactly as on your passport.
2. Gender – male or female.
3. Birth date – day, month, year.
4. City where you were born.

European lottery headquarters
Attorney Sharon Kingston
[email protected]

Asian lottery headquarters
Li Yu
[email protected]

US lottery headquarters
John William
Phone / Fax (1) 908 777 1354
[email protected]

Note: Your name will be stamped as soon as it is confirmed by the government

Our sponsors once again congratulations you.
Our partners / sponsors

Euro-Sport sponsors
The Coca-Cola Company
MC Donalds
Schaper sports
Samsung Group
Phone (1) 908 777 1354
or send a request by e-mail [email protected]

Posted : July 5, 2024 PDT at 12:37 pm 12:37 PM