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SPAM Joan Michelle Anderson - [email protected]

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Attention Beneficiary,

This is a follow up to our previous notification that was sent to you regarding a $ 990,000.00 USD cashier's check awarded to you by WORLD BANK in partnership with Microsoft Corporation as your email contact was selected from a random computer email search of the best E-mail user of the year 2020. It is very unfortunate that you have decided not to participate in the application process for this award. Joan Michelle Anderson, responsible for organizing the annual lottery, presented the delivery project to (FedEx Courier Service, South Africa) and deposited it with FedEx Courier Service South Africa for safe delivery.

Contact the FEDEX COURIER SERVICE immediately with the package identification code (FDX7410) to find out how to receive this package

As previously informed, the lottery organizers have paid the Shipping Charges including insurance for this package containing the $ 990,000.00 USD check won. The only fee you are required to pay to FEDEX COURIER SERVICE prior to delivering your bank check directly to your mailing address is ($ 277.00 USD) being just the courier company security maintenance fee.

It is mandatory that you have to pay the security maintenance fee which is non-negotiable. You must contact FEDEX COURIER SERVICE now for delivery of your cashier's check with this information below;

Please do not just send a blank reply, it will be helpful if you reply with the information requested below so as to improve the smooth delivery of the assigned check which can be cashed at any reputable bank in your location.

Contact person:
Mr. Patrick Kingston
E-mail address: [email protected]
Physical address: 57 Tsessebe Crescent Midrand, South Africa.

Finally, make sure that the information requested below is provided correctly to avoid errors in delivery

* Full name of the recipient:
* Full residential address of the recipient:
* Country of the recipient:
* Cellphone number:
* Valid proof of identification.

NB: The identification code (FDX7410) is not the tracking number and it is not possible to obtain any information about this package with the identification code because it has yet to be registered in our system as we are still waiting to confirm your information and the security maintenance fee to allow us to initiate the delivery process only after you are provided with the tracking details of your package. The identification code is only for you to identify your package when it is delivered to you. This package will be shipped from our office here only after you have successfully completed your custody fee payment.

Best regards,
Joan Michelle Anderson
Head of the organization

from: Joan Michelle Anderson <[email protected]>
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to: Recipients <[email protected]>
date: Mar 31, 2021, 1:32 PM
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