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Dear beneficiary,

Congratulations !! Congratulations !! Congratulations !!,
You were selected as the winner to receive £ 1,150,000.00 as an active
user in the recently completed 2018 Google Online Draw. Please
complete the information below for more information and claims. Your
winning number is GFP / 955 / GPWIN / US

(1) Your address:
(2) Your phone:
(3) your nationality:
(4) your full name:
(5) Profession:
(6) your gender:

We congratulate you on behalf of the Google team.
Compensation Committee
Dr. L. John Doerr
Best regards,
Google Central Google Inc.
Address: 1600 Amphitheater Pkwy Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

Posted : April 7, 2024 PDT at 2:26 am 2:26 AM