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Date: 15th August, 2021

I decided to write to you again since I am not sure you received my first message.

Our client is looking for an avenue to invest some undisclosed amount of money. The effect of COVID-19 pandemic subjected his farm into running below expectations, and this coupled with his health condition has prompted him to shut down operations for retirement.

And in his resolve to relocate with his grandchildren, he deemed it right to secure the funds in a profitable investment before relocating. He is willing to invest in partnership Investment financing at a negotiable 50% annual profit return for his input, and with a first two years grace period without profit, to enable Investment growth and stability. However, I will require a corporate documentation of the proposed partnership investment or a proof of an existing company to ensure his funds will be safe.

Looking forward to your earliest response and declaration of interest. Feel free to ask questions.


Ms. Susan Chacoff
Green Solicitors