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Terry Jacques Matthew / Long Beach, CA; Alicante, Spain; Quebec City, Quebec, Canada / zoosk.com

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Terry Jacques Matthew stated that he is a Canadian citizen living in Long Beach, CA and owns Terry constructions at Terry constructions.LLC. He stated that he is a civil engineer and had won a contract to build an ultra modern shopping mall in Cape Town, South Africa. He sent a copy of his Canadian passport, contract with South African government, bank account, pictures of daughter Amanda. I sent money due to problems that kept occurring in South Africa. I supposedly spoke with his daughter Amanda. He has a LinkedIn account. All of his pictures match up with the ones on Juanmiguel Gálvez Saez(Forumalicante) Facebook page. His picture is on Social Catfish 19 times. I made a report to the FBI, but have not heard anything from them. Is there an international agency that I can report him too?

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