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Phil Michael / ives in America -L.A. Working in military in Syria / Instagram - @Michael_Phil02, Twitter - Photo linked to James Recho Battisti

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Above named profile reported to the website I was using. He claimed to be in the US military, as a Major General. He was supposedly working in Syria on a peacekeeping mission. He was due to retire soon, and claimed he had 1 son, and that his wife died in a car accident. He also claimed he had a bachelor degree. His punctuation and wording wasn't very good, which first alerted me to his credibility. He also wanted to change from using the weworld platform to using google hangout, and claimed that he wasn't allowed to use Whatsapp. After doing some research, I found the photos are of someone genuine, a singer known as Uwe Hubertus Knoedsler, and the scammer is using his photos.

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