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First started of with a message on DateMyAge.com. Asked to chat on Whatsapp. Then asked to move to Google Hangouts now known as Google Chat. This person says he is a Major in the US Army stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan, currently as of Aril 8th, 2022. Was born in Coeymans Albany New York but lived mostly in Coral Gables Florida. Provided information that he went to Coral Gables Preparatory Academy, went to Tba High School, Attended Florida State University, then became a Cadet and Athlete at the United States Military. says he is widowed with two children Alex and Anita. Says children are in UK schooling. Says his father has passed but was an Investor and Real Estate Developer had partnerships with several billionaires from China. sent pictures of him and his children. also sent a picture of himself in uniform. I did a reverse picture look up and the picture came back as a Lt. Col. Robert Owen not sure if this guy is real Lt. Col. or not.

Email(s) [email protected]; [email protected]

Website / URL  http://DateMyAge.com

City / Country Coeymans Albany New York, Coral Gables Florida, Kabul Afghanistan