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This scammer is calling & texting me from hangouts from [email protected]. He states he is getting out of the military soon and his late wife Nora died last year. She was knocked down by a moving vehicle on the way to the shopping mall. He just wants to find a woman he can trust to make his daughter happy again. I told him I believe he was a scam but he chooses to continue to make me believe him. He said his birthday is June 20, 1982 & is from Spring Texas, was raised by his dads friend Mr. James because his parents died at age 10. He is currently upset that I am not believing & trusting him. He wants me to go to Walmart & by a card to send him money so he can upload information for his commander. Tomorrow he is supposed to send me a picture of he & his wife that are back on base as proof he is really a solider. I also told him to send a picture with his hand over his heart if he is real. He calls from hangouts no video.

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