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Gilbert James / Toronto, Cyprus / FB: beckythabo.mwansa

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As you can see on the top facebook the name created is beckythabo.mwansa , pretending is Gilbert James , worker in the RIG in Cyprus. I didn`t wait to make a converstation and ask him because I have another scammer ask me for 3500 euro to fix the pump in his rig as a colleague to sent 3500 to another guy not to me . He ask me for amazon gift card to rich his account. When I ask why he need a AMAZON gift card for his bank account. He just ask me " Are you sending or not?"

I got angry sorry and sent him this " dont be rude piss of shit , who are you to speak with me like that? Lazy person who instead of working try to scam innocent people. Which part of Nigeria you are. I know you afre from Africa because I am IT and I can see from where you txt me"
I am IT but just by paper , never practice I tried to scare him


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