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Stupidly I am a nurse working for a VA home. Have several friends who have served. Clicked yes to a Facebook request. It quickly turned into an emotional rollercoaster. I have not yet told my husband. Accept my roll and do not want this happening to someone else. States he is a soldier who lost his wife Rachelle 4 years ago. Daughter Annabel is in military boarding school in NY. I sent a 200 google card and $5000 to this address Dianna B Smith 37 Lake Deborah Dr. Folkston Ga 31537. I have confirmation emails for payment to process his leave. I then got another email stating I needed to send $17,750 to cover his flight home. I was sucked in to it all. He sent pictures of family and military uniform. Message wanting to marry me and thanking me for being his friend. Copy of a bank statement. Finally I snapped out of it and looked at a picture reverse search. Found he has photo shopped celebrity Paul Holliday Video called me to prove he is real. Stark reality has left me speechless.

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