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Dr. Nico / Brooklyn NY, Washington DC, Baghdad Iraq

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Last week I noticed a stranger had liked a few old public facebook post of mine, so I Messengered him asking how he happened upon my facebook page. He said he was looking for someone else with a similar name and saw my post. WE started communicating and nothing he said could I find evidence of on the internet, so I was suspicious. I did a google image search of his profile picture and found it was a picture of Gen. Douglas M. Fraser, who is apparently, used often for this purpose, because that's how I found this site.
This message was sent by the report form

Nickname: Dr. Nico

First name: Nicholas

Second name: Cypher


Website / URL:  Facebook

City / Country: He mentioned, Brooklyn NY, Washington DC, and Baghdad, Iraq, but of course I have no idea where he actually is.

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