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David Owen - scammer of Dr Fernado Gomas pinto pictures and video
Says he lives in Cyprus, is a Orthopaedic Surgeon working at Elpis medical Clinic in Paphos - which does exist - met on Tinder said he Spanish (not) Is divorced and has a daughter Angela he sends a stolen pic of her in his car,
He Is good and charming sending music and falls in love with you very quickly . Wanted to come to London to open his own clinic . Apparently sent documents to me to prove himself ... but they got seized at Turkey customs — oh dear so much money to release them but I did not pay , then his head dr had payed the fee to turkey which was 66,000 dollars ??? but he had to get a flight to Turkey - which he wanted me to pay I asked to many question in the end - he started to get angry with me and said I had no respect for him and was taking him for a fool ( hell yeah) . Who ever this guy is is very very good with the charm. Does not speak Spanish .

Website / URL:  http://tinder.com

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